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Here's the scoop on our vendor programs-

The Advanced Placement Program

Note that our visitor's searches are highly targeted - we know that they are interested in entertainment, and we know what they are looking for generally (music, movie, books) and even specifically (i.e: artist, title. song). If you have a site that scores positive search results for one of our visitor's searches, they will be offered direct links to ordering any shown items, if your site allows for item focused linking. Since offers a "First 20 listing" of offerings from our partner vendors, our visitors have a sneak preview of what those vendors are offering, so click-throughs from us are quality, focused referrals and have a much higher likelyhood of leading to a sale than a standard generic conent-match or search match link. Note also, that in many cases customers referred to your site by ours end up becoming your customers, and are likely to shop there directly in the future.

A) For sites that offer a usable affiliate program- Our CPM, or "cost per thousand" searches on Page One Results is of $20 CPM, and Page Two Results at $10 CPM. "Usable affiliate program" means one that allows for individual product linking as well as category search linking.

B) For sites that do not offer an affiliate program- Our CPM, or "cost per thousand" searches on Page One Results is of $40 CPM, and Page Two Results at $20 CPM.

These rates are good through the end of 2005, at which time me may adjust the rates, but not by more than 20% after some re-evaluation. Any changes would be announced with 30 days notice. We may, depending on the success of this program, offer to grandfather these initial rates for vendors who sign up first for this program, should we end up needing to raise our rates. These rates are cheaper than any of the banner programs we have studied, and the "impressions" or searches are, of course, focused or targeted for visitors that are interested in sites like yours and are looking for products like the ones that you sell.

We are not presently charging for or tracking click-throughs, but instead are using an affiliate model to render links to shown search results.

Sign up for The Advanced Placement Program here

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The Mini-Banner Program

The cost for these is currently $20 CPM and our click-throughs from these banners costs $50 CPM or "cost per thousand." We have a disdain for the standard large banner as they are usually slow loading and site-defacing, but our mini-banners have proved quite workable and since they're tracked locally and are small, load substantially faster than traditional 3rd party banner ads. They also are more likely to slip by the variety of banner-ignoring browser filters available (see ). These rates are also good through the end of 2005. These rates are quite lower than standard rates when you consider that our impressions are quite narrowly targeted to your desired audience.

You can view examples in the upper right corner of any of our pages.

Request inclusion in our Mini-Banner Program by contacting us at

A service to assist in finding the latest, greatest and rarest music, book, or movie titles.

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