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Advanced Placement Program Advanced Placement Program

Have a searchable web site that offers music, books or movies? Looking for extra customers? The Advanced Placement Program puts your site's offerings at the forefront.

Note that our customer's searches are highly targeted - we know that they are interested in entertainment, and we know what they are looking for generally (music, movie, books) and specifically (i.e: artist, title. song). If you have a site that scores positive search results for one of our customer's searches, the customer will be offered direct links to ordering any shown items, if your site allows for item focused linking.

A) For sites that offer a usable affiliate program - Our CPM, or "cost per thousand" searches on Page One Results is $20 CPM, and Page Two Results is $10 CPM. "Usable affiliate program" means one that allows for individual product linking as well as category search linking.

B) For sites that do not offer an affiliate program - Our CPM, or "cost per thousand" searches on Page One Results is $40 CPM, and Page Two Results is $20 CPM.

These rates are good through the end of 2005, at which time me may adjust the rates, but not by more than 20% after some re-evaluation. Any changes would be announced with 30 days notice. We may, depending on the success of this program, offer to grandfather these initial rates for vendors who sign up first for this program, should we end up needing to raise our rates. These rates are cheaper than any of the banner programs we have studied, and the "impressions" or searches are, of course, focused or targeted for visitors that are interested in sites like yours and are looking for products like the ones that you sell.

We are not presently charging for or tracking click-throughs, but instead are using an affiliate model to render links to shown search results.

You must read and agree to the Advanced Placement Program Agreement before we will accept your site into the program. You must also have a searchable web site that will allow us to deliver results compatible with our site.

If you decide not to join our program, but you want to tell us about a searchable site that we should know about, or a related site we could link with, please let us know. Should you desire to link to us, check out some text and image linking options on our "Link To" page. If you're a vendor and want to add your email address to our mailing list of stores receiving wantLists (a free service), email us at

NOTE: Your request will be handled as soon as possible. Additions to certain search result pages subject to availability of space and compatibility of your site's search process.

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If you have any questions or problems with our service, please contact us at
A service to assist in finding the latest, greatest and rarest music, book, or movie titles.

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